Facility Management


Facility Management Services

Centered Logistics is a leading provider of dedicated facility management services (single client) for Fortune 500 companies in a variety of food and consumer segments. Our third-party facility management solutions allow customers to focus on their core business and leverages combined strengths to generate strong returns on investment.

Customers benefit from a full range of customized storage and warehousing services - from storage to quick turn, intensive case picking, cross-docking and fulfillment services - to support all market segments including food service, retail, and production. Our warehouse management technology is designed to ensure you receive information according to your desired format and timing.

Centered Logistics can manage an existing warehouse or processing plant-attached facility. Alternatively, we can design and build or lease a new facility to meet your growth objectives. Customers have successfully used Centered Logistics to reduce their logistics costs, unlock trapped asset value, and preserve capital dollars during expansion projects.

We can manage all your facility needs from building to personnel. We can help identify areas in which you can streamline your supply chain in order to realize savings and increase efficiencies. We can create a total facility operations solution that encompasses building, operations management and more. Once our management services are in place, we truly become an extension of your business. You'll no longer need to worry about warehousing, distributing or fulfilling customer orders as our team can handle the process for you.

Whether you need solutions for space & infrastructure or people & organization, we are prepared to find solutions to your biggest challenges. We have the experience needed to help you identify ways to improve processes, increase efficiency and ultimately achieve sustainable success.


  • Third-Party Facility Management
  • Customized Design, Build & Operating Solutions
  • Customer Building Lease – Personnel Management